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It'll be a classic by the time he can afford to insure it. ;D

Omega General Help / Re: Best EBC pads for the 3.2.
« on: Yesterday at 15:04:35 »
If the system is tired, then a proper service should be all you need to restore it to how an Omega should be. Disks and pads all round and chenge the brake fluid. Also check that the servo is working properly and none of the flexible hoses are bulging under pressure.

If it's still not right, you have a fault somewhere.

General Car Chat / Re: The system can work... Car Tax.
« on: Yesterday at 14:53:37 »
Yep, just been to the bank with the cheque from SORNing the westfield at the beginning of December. Cheques are a PITA these days. ::)

It would be perfect if they could just credit your bank account instead. ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: A special kind of dumb..
« on: Yesterday at 14:49:46 »
It goes through my mind every time I'm beside a lorry - to be honest, I try not to hang around on their off-side for any length of time, unless I'm totally trapped by traffic, because I don't want to end up like that Scirocco (or a colleagues wife who had the same thing happen in an Astra)!

Yep, me too, and doubly so in the Westfield. I tend to just sit in the outside lane at whatever speed that dictates. :-X

General Discussion Area / Re: A special kind of dumb..
« on: Yesterday at 11:15:03 »
A mate of mine got killed by a lorry years ago. It ploughed into 5 cars in traffic on the A1, killing all occupants of all 5 cars. They have a scary amount of momentum.

I've seen left hand drive lorries very nearly do the same thing. About time we started turning the tractor units around at the ports and insisting on RHD lorries on UK roads, IMHO.

General Discussion Area / Re: Brexit
« on: Yesterday at 11:07:02 »
You mean like Italy is reported to be considering as a favour to Farage?

In some respects it might be a favour to everyone. A "p*ss or get off the pot" ultimatum to the lot of them rather than an opportunity to keep kicking the can down the road..

General Discussion Area / Re: I am not a robot
« on: Yesterday at 11:04:32 »
Vote with your feet and tell the sites concerned why you are doing so. If they don't realise their policies are losing them customers they won't change them. If they do, they still probably won't change because sadly, in the swamp that is the internet, you have to force customers to jump through hoops like this.

Omega General Help / Re: Best EBC pads for the 3.2.
« on: Yesterday at 11:01:41 »
OK, sounds like we can strike Apec off the list, then. ;D

As I said, the key is what it is about the performance of the current brakes that the O.P. wants to improve.

Omega General Help / Re: Best EBC pads for the 3.2.
« on: Yesterday at 10:20:52 »
A couple of my mates who race Westfields swear by Apec pads.
They fade like a bastid on the Omega if you drive it :-\

No experience myself, and an Omega is a completely different kettle of fish to a Westifield, of course. You are carrying so much weight in an Omega that, if you're going to drive it hard, you have to choose heat resistance above everything else.  ;D

Fortunately, in a lighter car, you have more choice.

Omega General Help / Re: Best EBC pads for the 3.2.
« on: Yesterday at 10:15:04 »
A couple of my mates who race Westfields swear by Apec pads.

Her existing policy will be finished at the point the insured car being written off. So she now needs to insure something else in order to have cover in that way, or be added as named driver (usually expensive if NOT at same address).

In addition, be wary of adding her as named driver on YOUR policy, as another accident will severely impact YOUR own premiums, as its YOUR policy that gets claimed on. Protected NCD or otherwise.

I think it would be wise for her to get an assessment of some kind, maybe from her doctor, that she is still OK to drive.  A professional opinion is worth more than any of us can suggest without knowing all the details.

Agreed. Or a session with a driving instructor to give her some constructive advice. If she's having this sort of incident it's not reasonable to carry on regardless, IMHO. Someone could lose their life next time.

General Discussion Area / Re: Brexit
« on: Yesterday at 09:49:12 »
..and it'll only take one EU state to be mischievous and block an extension to substitute that cat for a fox. ;D

Omega General Help / Re: Best EBC pads for the 3.2.
« on: Yesterday at 09:40:00 »
Asking about the best EBC pads is a bit like asking about the best sexually transmitted disease, IMHO. :-X

I've used them on the kit car before and been deeply unimpressed. The softer ones are not very robust at all, even in a 650kg car, and the harder pads don't work from cold to an alarming degree IME. Plenty of others have come to the same conclusions.

I'm currently using Mintex 1144s but these would be too soft for an Omega driven even remotely enthusiastically. They are also not ECE 90 approved, so using them on a type approved road car would probably be illegal.

As always, the question to be asked is what about the current brakes are you trying to improve?

Different pad materials can change the feel of the brakes to a limited extent, and perhaps make them a little more robust at the expense of feel when cold for track use but that's about it, IME. For road use, I'd say you're best saving your cash and using standard factor pads. You have to try hard to overheat well maintained standard Omega brakes with road use.

Not sure drilled and grooved disks will make much more than a cosmetic difference etither, and you need to inspect them regularly for cracks.

General Discussion Area / Re: Barnsley
« on: 18 March 2019, 10:36:32 »
Trouble is, mine died in a microwave.

 ??? ???

Sounds careless to me. ::) Obviously it survivied the "fall down the stairs". Unlike the printer. :'(

General Car Chat / Re: bit of a shock
« on: 18 March 2019, 10:35:18 »
agreed but i like to do things as it was factory,

Just pretend you did it on a Friday afternoon at about 4pm, then  :y ;)

.. in a BL factory in the midlands, in the 1970s.  :y

Oh, hang on.. did they do anything at all then? ::)

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