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General Discussion Area / Tumble dryer replacement?
« on: 28 January 2016, 15:40:30 »
We have a 4 year old hotpoint dryer which is part of the current recall

Hotpoint have mailed saying they will probably get round to us in March. Or I can buy a new dryer. 200 worth give or take for 59 delivered. (They take away the old one as part of this obviously)

Question is. Do I replace at the bargain price or do I take a chance on longer life.

Anyone else had the offer?  What have you decided?

General Car Chat / MOVED: Bugger
« on: 18 January 2016, 16:33:18 »

General Car Chat / MOVED: EON!
« on: 01 December 2015, 07:18:17 »

General Discussion Area / New Oven Time
« on: 24 November 2015, 19:03:55 »
Looks very likely Im going to be out shopping for a new oven in a day or 2.

What makes do people love / hate at the moment?

Should be looking in the 500+ range D&G Payout permitting.

General Discussion Area / Cheap CCTV
« on: 31 October 2015, 14:00:19 »
Been on my mind for a while, and an annoying incident last night has pushed my hand a little further...

Considering some very basic cctv,

Cheap PTZ ip cam on a windowsill watching over the garden.  Literally bit of motion detect recording, just about good enough to positively ID someone if needed.

Something like one of these, question is, anyone used one, any good or total crap?  Im not expecting the moon on a stick at this price point, but are they worth having?

Omega General Help / Alternator compatability
« on: 14 October 2015, 11:17:26 »
Big Blue needed the AA to get it home after the battery light was on for a few miles.

Been told its the alternator

(I am remote to home and car currently)

its a 3.2, Im sure ive a 2.5? brand new alternator in the garage.  will it / or the rectifier? pack fit between them?


General Car Chat / DPF impending doom?
« on: 13 October 2015, 19:39:23 »
On the Zafira, DPF regens have occured / been noticed 'occasionally'

Ove the last month or 2, they have happened at the same place on my way home from work, roughy every 6-700 miles, bizarrely about 70 miles into the tankful.

Im sure it never used to happen this often, I know it has done it 3 times, over the last 3 tanks of fuel.  maybe more.

This doesnt sound right, car usage hasnt changed, maintenance hasnt changed, used same garage.

Car now at 95k ish.

Any ideas?  anyone de-dpf'd?  ease / legalities / programming?

Omega General Help / Aux Fan coming on high, frequently, briefly
« on: 16 September 2015, 15:13:08 »
When Big Blue is warm, and the aircon is on...

The Aux fan cycles on and off, at high speed every couple of seconds,  very annoying.

Ive run through some tests on the fan test connector, and I can get the main engine fan running at different speeds.
The drivers side aux fan running at different speeds, but the passenger side aux fan doesnt come on at all (I may need to bridge one of the stats to make this happen?

The orange relay clicks on and off with this, and Ive swapped it out (although it isnt a known good one), and the problem stays the same.

Any ideas what to try next?

General Car Chat / VCDS Experiences?
« on: 01 September 2015, 09:49:27 »
Father in Laws 2010 Golf has the airbag light on, and needs service light resetting.

Rather than pay someone 60 ,70 + to read and reset, he is thinking about buying me VCDS for about 270 so I can do it now, and in the future.

Anyone got any experience with it?  Worth having?  Better / cheaper options?


General Discussion Area / Rhyl Air Show
« on: 30 August 2015, 08:47:19 »
Wandered over to Rhyl (Shudder) Air show yesterday as the Vulcan was due over.
That may have drawn me this year, but we will be back.

Free display over the beach / sea so everything is very close, also spread out viewing.  Worked really well.

Some cracking aerobatic displays, all in all a very enjoyable afternoon.

And now a few photos....

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