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General Discussion Area / Re: Openreach part 2
« on: 13 July 2019, 19:26:02 »
Yes, from the description i'd say there's a UG cable / joint that's sitting in a flooded chamber or duct probably on the D side (ie. between the pole feeder and the street cab (PCP)).... Well that's my guess!

I had this problem for some time. They eventually after a cloud burst thunderstorm, had to rewire the complete joint where every cable was cross taking to everyone else in a flooded manhole. This was okay for a bit until a sustained period of rain where there was lots of noise on the line again, so they renewed the manhole & presumably replaced the table from the telegraph pole 30m away from the manhole to the cabinet on the main road, about 10m & around the corner from the manhole.

Putin is good at playing a weak hand & good at taking advantage of any situation that comes his way that helps his objectives of weakening the West, sowing discord & ideally breaking up NATO & the EU & reestablishing Russian regional Hegemony* & Turkey is a gift that pushes all of these buttons which as usual Putin is playing very well, so it keeps on giving.

Turkish President Erdogan as Europe's newest Poundland dictator also has a weak hand, which he is playing generally very badly, with the exception of Trump where he has sussed flattery gets you everywhere with him. The economy being Turkey's achilles heel, after all what is the point of installing yourself as a dictator if you & your ruling cabal can't enrich themselves at the expense of the hardworking people, by helping yourself to any wealth you fancy?

The end result is that their currency has been in freefall & Erdogan has just sacked the caperable, but can't produce miracles head of their state bank which has made things worse, so the economy is one to watch. As an aside Erdogan recently lost the local Istanbul elections & taking a leaf out of the EU's election playbook of keep voting until you vote the right way, so the second election meant he lost by even bigger margins. ;D ;D Best of 3,5,7... in UK EURef2 anybody. :-[ :o

Coming back to the F35 v S400, where the US is cancelling delivery of the F35s to Turkey. This is the correct decision where Russian technicians 'training' Turkish operators would have full access to the F35's radar, IR & electromagnetic emissions profiles, why gift this when they will have to work of getting them through 'provocative' combat training missions, the same way as everybody else does against everybody else. This is particularly important with the S400 system with its multiple band radars and IR spectrum sensors where they try to detect & defeat stealth aircraft.

Turkey as a major F35 partner makes over 900 parts, with these now having to be sourced from new suppliers is adding $$$m to the overall production costs, plus a 100 aircraft shorter production run will also do the same. How hardball Trump plays with Turkey in terms of sanctions who knows, including I suspect Trump himself? If this hots up with severe sanctions, including cutting them off from the SWIFT banking system, good luck to all those Tourists in Turkey caught up in this in trying to get home & your value as a Western hostage.

Personally, I would risk booking a holiday there until we see what happens.

*Putin's Master Plan by US political strategists Douglas E. Schoen & Evan Roth Smith

General Discussion Area / Re: Thank God for Trump
« on: 12 July 2019, 19:42:38 »
Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch who now lives & works as an investigative journalist in the US & has links to UK intelligence services has this to say about Trump & Trump Models.

General Car Chat / Re: Bimbo Brains
« on: 12 July 2019, 19:33:50 »
Having retrieved the Battlebus this morning, I parked it on the road outside my house.  Now our road might not be very busy, but its also not very wide.

So Bimbo Brains, the daughter of the woman who lives nearly opposite, has just arrived home, and parked outside her house, essentially blocking the road.

What goes through the minds of Gen Z people?  FFS

Its our fault, this is the society with bred and cultured  >:(

How incoderate...

..that she didn't put her hazard 'I know I'm inconsiderately parked & have blocked the road, but I'm far too important to worry about trifles like that' lights on. ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Updates
« on: 12 July 2019, 00:57:18 »
Switching from automatic to manual updates on previous versions of Windows used to just prompt you that updates were available. In Windows 10 it brings up a prompt box & timeout which restarts your PC anyway if you are not at the PC to stop it. >:( This is a really useful feature if you are doing any long tasks that you want to run overnight not, to find that they have been aborted. >:( >:( >:( The only solution for this seems to be turning off updates completely, whether this prompts like the old versions I don't know as I only found this out today where my main PC & laptop are both in manual update mode, but it restarted my main PC overnight, but I got the prompt box with the countdown on my laptop during the day & aborted the restart as it wasn't convenient at this time.

I have serous objections to not at all time being in control of my computer equipment & where Microsh*t have no awareness of realworld customer needs so they don't do the obvious, like not asking if it is convenient to do that 2 hour update on shutdown as you are turning off your laptop to catch a flight you are running late for before they start it automatically. >:( >:( >:(

If you look on the tank I bet it will say somewhere 60ltrs. Thatís why there is 47 or 48ltr fill capacity recommended as that is 80% if the total space which is considered safe.
Its more than that. If you increase the pressure, it will become more liquid, and some liquids can be compressed more (by additional pressure).

Obviously, the more you put in above somewhere in the region of 80-90%, the pressure will increase dramatically.

Assuming I've remembered my O Lovel Physics properly - it was an awful long time ago ;D

Not sure you did when you repeated the Physics lab experiment of filling a tin with gas from the unlit bunsen burner, put the lid back on which has a small hole in it & ignite, but you were only meant to blow the bloody lid off, not the doors, roof & walls. :-[ :-[ :-[ :-X :-X :-X

General Discussion Area / Re: The 0.2%
« on: 10 July 2019, 19:28:38 »
0.2% voting is still 0.2% more than voted in the new appointed Brussels' dictatorship leaders. >:( On Twitter it is strange that all those that have pointed out that only a small percentage of Tory party members vote for our next PM, you would think that if they were so concerned about democracy the EU appointments would have raised more than their deafening silence. :(

Civilizations are usually destroyed through invasion, getting elected & pulling up the democracy drawbridge to create your dictatorship (Germany, Venezuela, Russia & Turkey are examples) or political paralysis & destruction by a combination of vested interests & suversion from within. It looks like the latter two will destroy all Western civilization over the next decade, when we will all become much, much poorer & have little freedom as the new authoritarian dictators steal the majority of the countries wealth as they have in Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, China, Ukraine & other countries.

You will still get meaningless elections where it gives dictators a thin veil of legitimacy in their own minds as they steal, plunder & kill.

General Discussion Area / Re: Diplomacy
« on: 10 July 2019, 19:01:27 »
Personally, I think all have behaved correctly, except the despicable leaker. Was their motive to weaken the UK government further or to try & cause a rift between Boris & Donald & the pending US-UK trade deal? Knowing that a diplomat's job is to bluntly advise their government, in confidence, which is what he did is fine, the problem is that being leaked & the damage that this has caused to US-UK relations, which made his position untennerable & he has quite rightly resigned. Boris saying nothing as our PM in waiting is also correct as to back the diplomat or Trump would have damaged his authority as PM with either the diplomatic corp or US-UK & Boris-Donald relationship.

When Boris becomes PM, his first task must be to restore government & party discipline. He should make it quite clear that the Tory party were all elected in the 2017 GE on a manifesto of implementing Brexit and no deal is better than a bad deal. He should make it clear that anybody that breaks this commitment & tries to undermine the government, from this point onwards, can consider their political career over as they will be deselected as a Tory party candidate at the next GE. Where May has set aside the deselections so far by local Tory party associations including my local turncoat MP, this needs to be reinstated for the next GE, where they are remainers in leave areas, if the Tories want to have a chance in retaining that seat.

Wanting to continue to keep your snout is the Westminster trough will have a powerful effect on those that continually undermine their own party, government & the UK's interests. Polling suggests that Boris will defeat Corbyn if they force a GE  with a 40 seat majority & reduce the Brexit party success in the south. Labour now being the official party of remain & holding a second loser's referendum (when they lose again & again, will this then become the bast of 5,7,9,11,13,15....?) will really hit them hard in the north with their leave electorate majority with the Brexit Party being the new party of choice, where they would never have & never will vote Tory since the miner's strike.

Remain, left & MSM are all slagging off Boris as they know he will see Brexit over the line. MSM make no effort anymore to either report the facts reasonably impartially, so the viewer, listener or reader can make their own minds up, but just spew out a torrent of verbal diarrhea light in facts, but heavy in partisan propaganda, opinions & comments, mixed with speculation & innuendo. The end result is that newspaper circulation, radio listening & tv viewing figures (C4 down 8%) are all falling, where people either turn off from this or use alternative web based sources for news & information. More & more alternative sources are using YouTube & other video platforms to bypass the MSM & where they have done their best to ignore the Brexit Party they have now setup BrexitBox on YouTube.

General Discussion Area / Re: A strange breed
« on: 09 July 2019, 00:00:42 »
Probably due to not wanting the death of an animal but replicating what we all enjoy. The flavour and texture of meat. I have always said that anyone wanting to eat meat ought to take a life at least once. Poultry or a pig. It isn't that easy. Most people don't identify meat with an actual animal. It is just something you buy from a supermarket in a packet.

Tomas Schaffernaker the weather man was 35 before he found out that Lamb and Sheep were the same animal.

Normal village life in Ukraine where the majority of the cockerels raised from chicks are destined for the pot. BIL is the families pig dispatcher & then a family job to bleed for black pudding, burn off the bristles, render & make the sausages. Used to regularly get a brace of pheasants from a friend who goes shooting. Used to hang them for a few days in the cold garage to mature, then me & the wife would gut & pluck them. The old birds (you can tell from the legs) went in the stewing pot, while the younger ones in the roasting tin.

When it comes to killing for meat I look at it that the animal would not have a good but short life but for the fact we breed & raise them to eat.

A 60 litre tank which is most prob what you have...filled to 80% will be 48 litres plus or minus maybe a litre for temperature. Some stations keep filling more than others IE above the 80% which is normal, thereís also the possibility that the float in the tank did not work properly however itís been said that itís done more miles than normal on a tankful so it must have been in there. Iíve filled a Senator 100 litre tank to 100 litre and it was in there!! I was not paying attention at the time as we expect the pump to do it for us. Itís just an anomaly he got what he paid for.

Right, thanks, that makes it all clear, I think! ;D ;D ;D :y
ok just to clarify, my original post was based on the fact that I was p'd off because I was charged for 57 litres which had aperently got pumped into a 45 litre Tank. In my mind no way.

But having done a couple more refills I can confirm that around that amonut was delivered, or there abouts, I normally do around 300 miles on a 37 / 38 litre fill up, works out about 37 to 38 mpg poodling around, so what I actually did was when I got  close to the 300 miles, from the original Fill, I brimed it again and could only get about 16 litres in there, so by adding the 2 fills together and the 2 Milage I got and then dividing them by 2 got me back to where I normaly am, if all that makes sense. ;)

Simple question: Is the 45l an absolute physical capacity or a nominal capacity with some 'breathing' space left in the tank? When I was looking at LPG systems iirc they quoted the physical capacity of the tank & a second smaller normal fill capacity.

General Discussion Area / Re: Huawei staff
« on: 08 July 2019, 23:03:56 »
1. Boris as mayor of London won two elections against the odds.

2. Had a very successful 2012 Olympics.

3. Significantly reduced violent London crime.

4. Was instrumental is getting a Leave majority in the EuRef.

5. Has worked very hard on the setting up of successful London tech hubs which has attracted significant overseas investment.

6. Judge has confirmed that the Boris bus £350 gross figure was correct (we know retrospectively it is actually £363m). His trolling over making and painting wooden busses out of wooden wine cases was excellent. ;D ;D ;D

And the best thing of the lot is all the left wing luvvies like Lizzie hate him. :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Diplomacy
« on: 08 July 2019, 22:27:16 »

The only way Farage could become PM is if he is leader of a political party that has a majority(or is the first to form a coalition) in the House of Commons. The Brexit party would need to go from none to about 250 MPs, pinching those from both Labour and the Conservatives, to manage that.

These are extraordinary times and I think this could happen.  If not they certainly could become the 'Kingmakers'.  ;)

While I wouldn't rule anything out, I think Kingmakers is the likely scenario of the two. I mean, who would have believed you 5yrs ago if you said the DUP would hold the whip hand in Westminster ::)

Daft food treatment processes aside, whoever is in No.10 after Brexit will be under massive pressure to do a deal, any deal with the US, because they will have just delivered Brexit and now have the singular goal of showing the plebs it's been a success.

In the trade negotiations, we would already be the weaker party being about 1/6th the size of their economy, added domestic pressure and a president whose whole administration is built on MAGA ensures we're going to be royally screwed over. Exactly as the majority voted for  :y

Having done a lot of business in the 1980's & 90's in the US & Europe, I would choose the US over any country with a Mediterranean coastline everytime. Americans are tough negotiators & have overly long complex contracts, but they will stick to the contract & you will get paid. Germany, Benelux & Scandinavian countries were also okay to deal with, but everywhere else in Europe not so good in terms of them sticking to contracts & you getting paid. Japan was excellent & they really like the English & a two page contract works with their honour based system & I also found Canada, Australia & New Zealand excellent. Asia, Middle East & South America had various challenges but were also small markets.

In 2018 US exported $141bn to UK and we exported $121bn to them, so there is not a great difference in what we both export to each other which make a sensible FTA to grow exports for both countries a good result all round for both sets of politicians & with 2020 being a Trump election year & Boris as PM will be looking for a good Brexit dividend there is a bit of pressure on both sides for a good deal. The fact that Donald Trump & Boris Johnson get on well will help.

Good to see Lord Opti is okay, where he was free climbing The Shard earlier. ::) ::) ::) Could you see Opti castle from the roof? At least you saved the £30 lift charge for the viewing platform. ;)

General Car Chat / Re: Road Testing The Mighty....
« on: 05 July 2019, 02:38:48 »
While Lord Opti is at home, SWIMBO has performed another Space-X style laptop launch where she has caught him with his collection of SIL pictures. The is no other entertainment in web-feet land where the chambermaid has the evening off all he can do is watch Sir Tigs personal Mighty Marina video.

The mustard yellow car is there somewhere, covered in a crush of nubile young girls, forget a Ferrari, all they want is the sexy raw power of the tiger, the 1300 Morris Marina. Lord Opti is stunned into silence & awe at the 100 yard queue of young girls who can't wait to get their hands on the tiger & his iconic car.

With a jolt, grunt, scowl & fart the laptop has landed straight on M'luds head as he stirs from his after lunch slumber. Where's the SIL, where's the Mighty Marina, where are all those young sexy girls? Nothing for it, he must find out. Teeth in, syrup on, walking stick in hand, the Lincs stud has awakened, no Mighty Marina, no nubile girls, only stroon pictures of the SIL & a broken laptop. :-[ :-[ :-[

Still it was a good dream, now lets look on the Internet for prices for a tiger suit and for the Mighty 1300cc Morris Marina. ;) ;) ;)

General Car Chat / Re: Sad news for Opti
« on: 05 July 2019, 00:26:32 »
Google as Google does put a group of committed greens & engineering PHDs together as an incubator to plan & execute Google's green renewables future & new income streams. After 5 years the division has closed as their conclusion was that renewables can never ever be made to work without the current fossil fuel power generation being in place 24/7 as backup with many plants just sitting on idle to chime in at a moments notice to keep grid stability due to the intermittent nature of renewables. Some of their other conclusions were:

1. Not enough global cobalt reserves.
2. Society has progressed from wood to coal to oil & gas & finally nuclear with ever increasing power densities & lowering of costs. Renewables are a regression from this & battery backup in the quantities required is a non-starter in terms of natural resources, cost & numbers.
3. The only viable route if you want to reduce CO2 (although god knows IMO why you would possibly want to stop this most welcome survival of plants & multi-cellular life saving CO2 correction over a complete carbon cycle) then nuclear fusion & fission is the only way forward & if you look at the number of nuclear power station deaths they are a fraction of those of miners & without all these OTT safety systems electricity really would be too cheap to bother metering.

Lot of these green fantasies are now going to hit the cold light of reality, so make a choice, follow the green fantasies, deindustrialise & regress back to the middle ages, their lifestyles & lifespans or accept what is doable as we continue to advance society & civilization. If you look at what progress we have made in the last 200 years in terms of knowledge, innovation, energy efficiency & reducing pollution, what can we achieve in the next 200?

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