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 on: Yesterday at 15:01:50 
Started by LC0112G - Last post by terry paget
I see in my post above of 19 June 2019 that MonzaGSE of Norway repaired his girl friend's car of a similar event for 40£ scrap part plus 150£ welding 2 years ago, and the car is still running.

 on: Yesterday at 14:59:48 
Started by Opelduude - Last post by Opelduude
New heater matrix in place but now i'm struggling to get one of the quick connectors to lock. Useless plastic system.
The hose won't lock with the plastic clip in the outer or inner position. 

 on: Yesterday at 14:57:55 
Started by tunnie - Last post by henryd
Certainly the misfire at cold start with coolant loss is indicitive of water getting in the cylinder/s :-X

 on: Yesterday at 14:56:14 
Started by tunnie - Last post by TheBoy
That does not help as I donít know where itís leaking  ;D
You probably will when you pressure test it with all the plenum off and inlets out ;)

 on: Yesterday at 14:55:27 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by TheBoy
and not a £100+ tyre you had the week before
No, I had that twice in a month about a year ago, though each tyre was well over £200 then.  Oh, and one wheel, which was considerably more :(

 on: Yesterday at 14:53:29 
Started by Stevelaw67 - Last post by TheBoy
Or if you are work shy, use the £18 3M headlight restorer kit that fits in a drill.  I spend about 20mins a side, and it does a better job that spending the same amount of time doing it by hand.

I did my Omega's ones again for the MOT, its surprising how you don't notice that they have gone a bit cloudy until you refurb one of them ;D

 on: Yesterday at 14:51:04 
Started by tunnie - Last post by tunnie
That does not help as I donít know where itís leaking  ;D

 on: Yesterday at 14:50:40 
Started by 9jdm - Last post by TheBoy
Not wanting to tempt fate, but I bought a crank sensor from ebay 2 1/2 years ago (kindly fitted by Albs) for £11.80 delivered and it is still going strong!
TB, if you ever want me to buy anything on your behalf, just let me know..... ;D

You are the extreme minority.

 on: Yesterday at 14:50:26 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by dave the builder
Hoovered up the boot of TBE, as shreds of rubber had gone everywhere when the tyre was chucked in the boot fast, as the hard shoulder of one of the country's fastest motorways is never a great place to be.
so what's the back story then ?
I hope no one was hurt
debris in the road
or where you going that fast that the wheel melted when you braked  ;D
Spill the BEANZ  :P
Dunno full story, she was a bit shaken up, and she took my shouting at her as a sign of grumpiness rather than a way to get clear instructions to her about watching the traffic whilst I was changing the wheel on the hard shoulder.

She did say she hit some debris before we went on holiday, but all 4 tyres looked OK to me when I checked, other than the rear ones being towards the wear limit. Pressures were good earlier in the week, but to me that tyre has overheated, and I can see no punctures (but can't check inside of tyre as all the steel bands are razor sharp and hanging out.  Although she's usually good to notice if a tyre is down by its handling.

Yesterday was the first day she'd used the car for work, and from what I can glean from her, it let go dramatically as she was coming home in a hurry, outside lane of the motorway.
Tyres self destruct pretty quick after rapid deflation at speed
on the plus side,no one got hurt  :)
and at least the tyres where at end of life anyway and not a £100+ tyre you had the week before 

 on: Yesterday at 14:49:09 
Started by Raeturbo - Last post by TheBoy
I don't particularly like Boris and I certainly don't trust him. However, if you are familiar with the facts of the story, I don't think you could fail to conclude that he was setup, he realised it was happening, so walked away and left the bloke talking to himself.
And in the process showed himself to those he is trying to negotiate with that he's just a little be soft and pathetic.  Great job.

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