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Author Topic: HowTo: Heater Motor Removal  (Read 4336 times)

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HowTo: Heater Motor Removal
« on: 30 October 2010, 16:08:40 »

This is how to remove your Heater Fan and motor for inspection, testing, cleaning or replacement.

Firstly, disconnect the battery, go have a cup of tea and a bourbon, then assemble your tools. This is to give the airbag system time to discharge.

Tools Needed:-

T20 torx bit
T30 torx bit
5mm allen hex bit
13mm socket
Small flat bladed screwdriver
Phillips head screwdriver


Start by removing the glove box following Jimbob's excellent guide:-

Using the small flat screwdriver pop off the end plate of the dashboard and the section to the left of the glovebox opening. Both of these are just held on with tabs so will easily pull off.

Take the light out of the bottom of the vent and remove the phillips screw;

Grip it firmly from below and a short sharp tug should see it pop out.

Remove the 5 phillips head screws holding in the vent cage;

Now remove the vent link tube. Again a firm grip and a short sharp tug will see it out;

Now on to the air bag!

Using the 5mm allen hex bit on a longish extension unscrew the airbag cover top bolt. This can be difficult to see but if you lift the cover slightly and look in from the vent end you should spot it;

Now slide the bolt out and the cover will come off;

Unplug the airbag. Slide the plug upwards to free it from the clip, slide the orange locking tab upwards and pull the plugs apart;

Undo the 4 x T30 torx bolts;

Now remove the airbag. HANDLE WITH CARE!!!!! I always put the airbag under the rear of the car facing outwards just in case;

Using the 13mm socket remove the 4 bolts holding the airbag cage in place;

Which will leave you with this;

At this point I find it easier to move the vent tube out of the way and cut the tape on the cable tray purely to give more access. Gently kink the vent tube in the middle towards yourself and tease the vent end out of the airbag hole. This can then be tucked up near the centre of the dash out of the way.

On the door end of the cable tray find the locking tab, push the small flat bladed screwdriver in and push the cable tray backwards to release it at that end;

This can then also be kinked and pulled down out of the way.

Unplug the fan motor leads by pulling them down firmly. Please make a note of which wire goes in which hole as you don't want to refit it all and find your motor is sucking rather than blowing ;) ;

Now to take out the 4 x T20 screws holding the motor in;

Bottom Left:-

Bottom Right:-

Top Right:-

Top Left:-

The top right screw is a complete pain to get to! I found the easiest way was just to put the T20 bit into the screw and use a small adjustable spanner to turn it until it was loose enough to undo by hand. Still very awkward though.

Now to remove the motor itself. With one hand hold the motor in place and with the other lift the loom as high as it will let you. Slowly pull the motor out and it should fit nicely between the loom and bottom rail below the glovebox opening.

Job done! Apart from refitting it all obviously ;D

Refitting is the reverse of removal.
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