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Author Topic: Replace your glovebox handle  (Read 10833 times)

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Replace your glovebox handle
« on: 22 June 2008, 22:11:00 »

So, some heavy handed Oaf has broken your glovebox handle leaving you with :

Looks easy enough to fix, just lever out the old and jam in a new one, well that's what I thought until I broke my new handle in the process, so here is how to do it properly.

You will need a new handle mechanism

New Type (facelift)
Beige : 9105029
Black : 9105030
Grey : 9105031

Old Type (prefacelift)
Black : 9105030
Beige : 9104294
Grey : 9104025

These are from a Jan 08 version of EPC, the prefacelift black states no longer stocked, so use facelift part, so I am guessing they are all interchangable, Mine retailed at £6 plus VAT

Tools wise, you want a :
T30 Socket
Philips Screwdriver
Flathead screwdriver
Drift (small screwdriver / stiff wire / nail etc)

Swap the lock barrel from your old handle to the new, Top tip is to leave the key in the lock while you do this, else you may lose some pins and springs.  Just prise the clips off the back of the lock, remove it and slide into the new handle :

Old, showing clips :

New, with lock inserted :

Open the glovebox, and undo the 3 torx bolts from inside going towards the airbag area :

Now remove the 4 Phillips screws holding the glovebox in :

Unclip the air vent fascias, and undo 1 screw to remove the vent itself, you can now access the last screw holding the glovebox in :

You can now slide out the glovebox, removing the wires to the light and switch.

To separate the lid from the glovebox
Remove the circular clip from the bottom of the hydraulic arm, by prising off with the flathead screwdriver, Undo all the visible screws, to access the last 3 under the hinge, you will need to slide out the hinge pins using your drift.  You should now be able to jiggle the lid from the box.

Remove the textured interior from the lid, The metal cover from over the latch, then the last 5 screws for the latch mechanism itself.


You can now slide out the broken half of the old handle, and slide in the new one :

To quote Haynes, reassembly is the reverse of removal.

You now have a nicely fixed glovebox, Enjoy!

IF you are lucky enough to have all the pieces of your handle, the following guide may save you a few quid  :y
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  • I might have a link, pic or part number for that
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Repairing Glovebox Handle.
« Reply #1 on: 30 May 2010, 19:56:12 »

I know a new handle is only about £7, but it`s still money. This repair cost`s pennies. Only doable if you still have the spring attached. Shown in this pic on the right

Usually what happens is one of the pins snap that holds the grab handle, highlighted by red arrow in this pic.

Here`s a pic of the opposite end showing good pin

All you need is a machine screw (the ones holding domestic light switch or socket fronts on) and cut it down to 10mm

Insert screw into hole where pin was

Job done.
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Replace your glovebox handle/the cheat way
« Reply #2 on: 12 October 2010, 16:37:29 »

I was just about to replace mine and one of the screws will not shift. and is well stuck. I cant get impact driver on it to get it out that way.

so after some head scratching I come up with the cheats way to fit a new one.

so here go`s.

The backing plate of handle can easily be removed from door by carefully cutting and snapping it out with a sharp pair of side cutter`s

when I looked at the new handle it appeared to me,that It should snap in. what was stopping it ?

on the bottom on backing plate there is no give in the sides at the bottom

so I cut a V out of plastic say at about 4-5mm wide and 8-10mmdeep with side cutters


Now there would be some give in side and I should be able to snap it in place.

and it does with a bit of care

push the left hand side tags on handle in first on the passenger side. Then from the driver  side you can can carefully using a small flat head screwdriver bent that side in just enough for it to pop in place

Job done with in 3mins flat without having to pull all the glove box out :y
if a lazy bloke like me

It best to ft with out lock barrel in then snap that after handle is fitted without the lock barrel in place

just remember to keep key in barrel so the pins don't fall out all over he place

or it will take you a  fair while to finger out witch pin goes where

they you can just snap in lock barrel
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