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Author Topic: DIS Pack Renewal  (Read 4418 times)

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DIS Pack Renewal
« on: 15 November 2012, 13:09:42 »

- First things first, disconnect the Negative battery lead if you feel it is safer doing this, but as there will be no power going to the DIS pack without you turning on the ignition, it is not necessary.  Just ensure your battery terminals are not exposed and are covered away from accidental metal to metal contact.
- Remove the wipers; There are two plastic caps (or there should be) covering the 13mm retaining bolts, pop these off, and then undo the bolts, they shouldn't be very tight. With the bolts out, then push down gently on the hinge in the wiper arm, and then whilst pushing down, lift the wipers from the shaft 
- Remove the scuttle; Pull the scuttle rubber trim, then undo the T25 bolt holding the scuttle to the offside wing. Then undo the (I think there are) seven plastic clips under the lower windshield rubber. These are Torx head, but they have a slot for a flat screwdriver in. Pull the piece covering the pollen filter first, then the main bit.
Remove the plenum after disconnecting all the connections as per the Maintenance Section Guide

Plenum Removal

- Carefully dismantle the plastic cable tray and remove, tucking the cables themselves out of the way.

- Depending on the year of your car (or engine) the DIS pack will either be mounted horizontally or vertically.

- The spark plug lead connectors to the DIS pack should be disconnected after labeling as per the diagram below. The main power input lead to the DIS pack can be left connected until after removal to assist an easy disconnect.

- Laying over the top of the engine undo the four E10 Torx bolts found around the perimeter of the DIS pack in line with lead positions 1,5,2 & 4, using socket extension bars as required. Also the use of a mirror could help in ensuring your socket finds the top of the bolts, especially those on the engine side of the DIS pack.   

- Once the bolts are removed the DIS pack is free to lift. It (on F/Lís at least) will exit through the space to the right (looking towards the back of the engine bay) of the rear engine lifting bracket and between the air conditioning silver pipe, providing that has been taken out of its holding clip at the front nearside of the engine. There should be no need to remove the wiper motor. If exit on this side is difficult on your model, then try to exit the DIS pack across the top of the HBV, pushing the pipe work out of the way as necessary.

- Once removed the old DIS pack can be disconnected with ease from its main supply connector.  It can then be reconnected to the replacement DIS pack before placing that back into position for bolting down with the four E10 Torx bolts at a torque setting of 8Nm.

- Now the plug leads can be reconnected to the DIS pack as per your labeling and the diagram shown below.

- Carefully place all wires back into the plastic cable tray, ensuring no snags, no pinching, or cable stretching.

- Now replace plenum as per The Maintenance Section Guide and reconnect all connections.

Plenum Replacement

- Replace the scuttle with all the bolts and clips.

- Refit the wipers, remembering to tighten the nuts just enough to hold tight.

- Double check all connections and ensure all tools are away from the engine compartment.

- Switch on the ignition and start the engine.  Check it runs smoothly with no leaks, especially around the breather and plenum area.

- Job done.

This picture shows the new DIS pack, with input power connection in place, prior to relocation into the void at the rear of the passenger side cylinder block. The DIS goes through to the back to the right of the, in view, rear engine lifting bracket.

For reference this is a picture of a failed DIS pack, with a typically split core.
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