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General Discussion Area / new version of WINDOWS
« on: 16 June 2021, 19:50:54 »
Windows 11  :-\

lots of talk and speculation and leaks about the announcement EVENT at 11 am 24th June 2021

 "Microsoft will continue to support at least one release of Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel until October 14, 2025"

I hope it's free for the new version or free to upgrade too from windows 10  :-\
as i've just purchased several Windows 10 digital licences  ::)

General Discussion Area / Chinese Virus
« on: 13 June 2021, 13:21:03 »
So..... it looks like further easing of restrictions will be delayed due to the Delta variant spreading throughout the UK.
the hope being that if lifting restrictions are delayed ,that more adults will get 2 doses of vaccine .

Reports show Astra zenica is up to 60% effective against serious illness
Phizer is up to 88% effective against serious illness

1/4 of the deaths of the Delta variant where people who had been vaccinated

so people may want to think about the situation we face before saying the delay in the easing of restrictions is justified  :P

why did I call this thread "Chinese Virus"  :-\ because I'm probably not very woke or P.C

and because reports of evidence like THIS CLICKY

worth the 15 minutes to watch IMO  :)


Stray safe out there  :y

There's a new Triple mutant Yorkshire COVID variant   :(

 the South African variant , N439K which is also associated with immune escape and the Kent variant ,all rolled into one  :o

General Discussion Area / Warning ! ICE AGE
« on: 28 March 2021, 18:08:25 »
Just a heads up  ;)
Sorry Lads
I just took the bridgestone blizzak snow and ice tyres off Mrs Builder's Astra and fitted regular ,less noisy  ::) rubber round things  :P

so expect UK temps to drop to -40 and bellow and 10 feet of snow very soon
(as per sods law ,section 5 , rule 11a  )

General Car Chat / Vauxhall Carlton "scrapped"
« on: 18 February 2021, 17:03:37 »
Youtube suggested video for me
13 minutes in
Charles Trent collecting "end of life vehicles" 
its MOTed till 7 January 2022
and i checked and it is 3615 cc model  :o
those where fitted with twin turbos and called "Lotus carltons" back in the day and worth more than scrap  :P

so WTF is going on here ?
anyone on the ABS know anything about it  :-\

Omega General Help / Auto-box faults & lights flashing
« on: 13 February 2021, 21:41:42 »
Not Mine , an old school pal phoned me up ,but 2.6 V6 auto CDX so post 2000 ,not sure exact year .
not looked at the car ,he says it goes into like limp mode ,especially when in sport mode and the selector lights flash
turning it off and on again resets the fault temporarily  :-\
I've heard of this but can't find the info on the OOF  :-[

Is it clean and adjust the selector as per this guide
Auto gearbox selector switch removal and cleaning 

Obviously I can check the ATF fluid level and read all the Modules for codes too  :)
anything else ?

Thanks in advance  :)

Omega General Help / Bargain NON VENTED EBC rear disc and pad set
« on: 05 February 2021, 16:22:27 »
not mine
For NON vented omega rear brake discs and EBC Yellowstuff Pads
CLICKY 25.38 including Parcelforce 48 delivery  :o

A real bargain for someone with a 2 liter Omega  ;)

I was tempted to buy them for the pads BUT i have a few GM sets already  :-[

General Car Chat / Cheap 710 10w40 OIL
« on: 24 January 2021, 22:25:49 »
20L of 10w40 delivered for 25.49
not sure how long the offer will last
I've purchased from them several times without issues  :)
obviously they won't deliver to Brackley though

General Discussion Area / Merry Christmas
« on: 24 December 2020, 17:08:50 »
Happy Christmas to everyone on the OOF  :)
A BIG THANK YOU to Jamie and the rest of the MOD team for keeping the cogs of the OOF turning in these "unprecedented" times  :y

General Discussion Area / Correct use of PPE
« on: 03 May 2020, 19:46:45 »
As people are bored ,and PPE is a hot topic right now ,i uploaded 3 videos

demolition of old shed/outbuilding pt 1 clicky

note I'm wearing jeans,sweatshirt and safety goggles glasses plus obligatory Builder's rolly fag hanging out me gob  ;)

link to youtube video

Car Throttle (a youtube channel , a bit like a pound shop version of Top gear) had  500 to buy a cheap car
so the bid and won DV03LYW  500 + fees
77,571 miles
MOT valid until 2 May 2020

Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):
Coolant leak ()
Nearside Rear Brake pipe corroded, covered in grease or other material (1.1.11 (c))
Offside Rear Brake pipe corroded, covered in grease or other material (1.1.11 (c))
Front exhaust deteriorated
Rear exhaust deteriorated
Offside Front body damaged (front wing)

should be interesting watching the videos on this Omega
what they do to it etc  :)

half a tank of petrol I guess covers the + fees overspend  ;D :D

looks like a nice car if they put a wing on
they probably need to spend a few quid sorting out the faults between the front and rear number plates too  :-\

The Beta reg check is on-line to check if you need to pay fees (Brum/Leeds)
I heard the Birmingham zone becomes live this summer

My 53 plate 2.6 V6 is Omega is chargeable for Brum 8
the astra petrol 1.6 cars are chargeable for brum 8
the astra diesel tractors  are chargeable for brum 8
no charge for Leeds YET

obviously the above checker has been tweaked from the london ULEZ checker
 (new link ,the transport for London link is changed)

My 53 plate 2.6 V6 is Omega is NOT chargeable 
the petrol astra 1.6 cars are not chargeable
the diesel astra tractors are chargeable 12.50

just some examples of the family fleet
obviously ,if your unlucky enough to have to visit Brum,Leeds or London then check  ;D :D

General Car Chat / My Builder's Van MOT
« on: 28 November 2019, 20:14:29 »
Took my builder's van (53 plate Omega 2.6 CDXi ) for it's yearly official prodding by MOT tester
it passed ,no advisories  :)
it's the second time under my ownership
calculated that i'd spent more on petrol than i had buying the Omega  ;D
so now it's passed, i'm going to treat it to ....
Oh ,wait ,it doesn't need anything other than more petrol  :D

General Car Chat / My Omega got rammed ,Hit n run AGAIN
« on: 18 September 2019, 14:52:19 »
What is wrong with people ? >:(
I edited the footage down
cam 1 impact clicky

note the reason for crashing on cam 3 ,He forgets to switch from REVERSE to DRIVE ,rams the Omega,then the JOLT reminds him to select DRIVE, and get away,as fast as possible (rather than do the decent thing and STOP and apologize ) nearly crashing into the poor Ford Focus driver  ::)
cam 3 clicky

It was last night, a delivery driver ,delivering to us, that Mrs Builder had just given a 2 tip FFS  >:(

General Car Chat / My Omega got rammed ,Hit n run
« on: 01 September 2019, 12:48:32 »
I was just replying on another thread about CCTV
Mrs Builder rushes in and says "someones just hit your Omega"
went out and the white van has done one, drove off
fortunately we have his Reg number and CCTV footage
taxed,MOTed and insured
I'm naming and shaming until I hear from him, which I think is fair

he was collecting someone from the church over the road
how very christian to not bother stopping  :-X

as My Omega was in PARK and the handbrake not pulled particularly tight ,will there be likely damage to the park pawl   :-\
it's been shoved backwards about 6 inches with quite some force

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