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I still use the factory one in the S Class, but use the phone in the Bini/hire cars as they have Android Auto facilities.
Which uses the phone GPS.  Which then becomes a problem.
Not experienced any particular issues with it :-\
Phones have much better GNSS receivers than most in-car systems so work fine despite the compromised antenna.

General Discussion Area / Re: GB News
« on: 18 June 2024, 22:19:52 »
Dark forces at play...

Then again, you are a known Trump sympathizer* >:D

*Spelt deliberately as the object is American. :P

Well...  With my tinfoil helmet on I did wonder if there was some ort of interference so we're forced to absorb the usual leftist mush during the run up to the election.  :)

Lefties cancelling people they disagree with? No, that never happens. :-X

General Discussion Area / Re: A Place in the sun
« on: 17 June 2024, 21:37:42 »
Ish  ;D ;D
Loo knee's Pink Crocs still found it. ;D

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 12 June 2024, 22:46:23 »
Doesnt sound good.   :-\
Well, the fan was running when I pulled up, so I am glad I checked that properly the day after I bought it ;)

A colleague of mine was scheduled to help a bini-owning mate fix the cooling fan this week. He was spared that.. The silly sod kept driving it, got stuck 9in traffic, and it got terminally melty. ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Election Run Up
« on: 11 June 2024, 07:28:18 »
Dodnít Starmer say the other day that he would keep nuclear and later Rayner said she would get rid of them.

That pair have never read from the same Hymn sheet.

.. and then there's recognition of the Palestinian state. So, who are we going to establish diplomatic links with? Hamas? Shouldn't we wait until they have a credible, democratic government in waiting rather than give legitimacy to a bunch of terrorists?

General Discussion Area / Re: D-Day
« on: 08 June 2024, 18:37:18 »
I reckon that if by some miracle he did win the election, he would probably stand down shortly after.
He has ticked that box and it will be time for the next thing, which will be much more lucrative whatever it is.

Win or lose, the knives will be out the day after the election.

General Car Chat / Re: Budget Tyres
« on: 06 June 2024, 22:42:33 »
PS4S currently.  A mere £1200 a set.  Not been brave enough to go to PS5 yet, although not sure my sizes are all available in PS5 yet.

Hers runs on Primacy.  Her size is more budget friendly, so about £500 a set ;D

PS4s are what I ordered last time, and they were just on the way out in my size. PS5s turned up and I CBA to argue. Have been happy with them.

General Car Chat / Re: Budget Tyres
« on: 06 June 2024, 07:31:37 »
Runway 215/55 16s on the Focus were £64 each about a month ago.

Mine are 235/40 18

The cheapest I've found so far are Trazano (No me neither!) for £69.99 each via ASDA Tyres.  I do kinda like to have the same brand all the way round tho.   :-\

Always best if they're all agreed on the same ditch. ;)

I have to replace all 4 on the Jag imminently, so need to start thinking. The PS5s that I have on it currently were the first set of tyres in a long time where all 4 made it to near legal limit without at least one dying prematurely. Much better than the Pirelli garbage that I had before.

Whilst conveniently ignoring the impact of TCV on the public purse.

We're better off than our primary competitors in Euroland, in spite of what the leftist media wants you to believe.

.. and it's not as if we'd sail back into membership without the EUrocrats getting their revenge. We'd have to sign up to the Euro, Schengen and who knows what else they'll invent that would never fly here? For better or worse, that door is now closed for a generation.

General Discussion Area / Re: Insurance Renewal Due
« on: 18 May 2024, 19:43:25 »
Zenith - Aviva Zero - Swinton are the top 3 for renewal.  £4 difference between them.  Aill in the £195 + range.

Anyone had any issues with any of them?

Swinton are a complete PITA for pestering you once they've got your phone number IME.

General Car Chat / Re: Eco Pro mode.
« on: 05 May 2024, 18:03:50 »
Been there, done that. Then wondered why I bought a sports saloon if I'm going to drive it like it's a Toyota Pious. ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: I Went Horse Rideing Today.
« on: 05 May 2024, 09:46:34 »

 I decided to go horse riding. Something I haven't done for many many years. It turned out to be a big mistake! I got on the horse and we started off slowly, grew in confidence, went a little faster, before I knew it, we were going as fast as the horse could go. I couldn't take the pace and fell off, caught my foot in the stirrup with the horse dragging me behind.
It just wouldn't stop!!

This almost happened to me twenty odd years ago when I went on a horse riding 'experience day' with a group of about 15 people.  ::)

At the end of the day when the instructor decided we were all confident enough to try a gallop, off we went on the way back to the stables. Unfortunately my left foot came out of its stirrup and I couldn't get it back in. With all my weight on the right stirrup my saddle started to slip over. I tried to get the horse to slow down but he was enjoying a run out with his mates and took no notice. Eventually, I had my left foot on the horses rump, my right foot still in the stirrup but that by now was underneath the horse, and I'd let go of the reins and was clinging on for dear life with my arms wrapped around the horses neck.

Realising that I was going to end up falling off and was going to get dragged along by my foot in the stirrup, I kicked my foot out of the stirrup and just pushed myself off the side of the horse as hard as I could. I hit the ground, bounced off the fence that we were riding alongside and curled into a ball as a blur of horses hooves flashed by!  :o  Luckily I didn't get hit and all that was hurt was my pride, apart from being winded from hitting the ground.  Oh and a nasty gash in the side of one of my Doc Martin boots where it hit a bit of the barbed wire fence. Thank God I wasn't wearing trainers!  ::)

It all seemed to happen in slow motion, but the people riding behind me said that one moment I was on the horse in front, and then I was on the ground as they went by!  ;D   That was another one of my nine lives gone!  :D

I haven't got on a horse since.....

I've always maintained you're better off sticking to something with an engine and no mind of its' own. Your story reinforces that. ;)

General Car Chat / Re: Arrival of new Vehicle.
« on: 17 April 2024, 22:32:20 »
Changing the oil+filter is interesting,  if car isn't high enough you can't drop undertray flap down enough,  .....

you need a Pela oil-sucker-outerer  :y

 I'm of the old skool,, undo sump plug, and make a mess on the floor as the tray is positioned wrong,
If you were really old school, you'd park it over a drain in the street and let it run down there  ;D

I'm considering it, given that the local tip let you dispose of about an egg cup full of oil each trip and I've got 2 20L containers of the stuff.

General Car Chat / Re: Bavarian brawn
« on: 15 April 2024, 21:44:59 »
Ive always loved the idea of the fun that could be had from a sleeper car.
Probably my ultimate one would have been the poverty spec prefacelift Omega, with Lotus Carlton running gear built by Omegatoy.
10 or more years ago I was told it had sat neglected on a driveway in Cambridge for several years, which set off dreams of buying it.
I heard not long after that the owner had sold the running gear when he got an offer he couldnt refuse.

I reckon Robsey's V8 "Omega 2.5 estate" was pretty much perfect. Before he gave the game away by poking a blower through the bonnet!

General Discussion Area / Re: Chemist prescription deliveries
« on: 10 April 2024, 23:15:15 »
What I don't get is...The pharmacists' job appears to be counting. Not sure when it became a requirement to have a university degree to count up to 14 (or multiples thereof)

So it takes at least 2 people 15 minutes to move a pre-sealed box of pills about 3 feet from the shelf where they were stacked to the "customer". You get home, take that day's pills and wash them down with a nice single malt.

The pharmacist's job is checking, not counting.

You missed out "Explaining for the umpteenth time how to take the medicine you've been taking since before (s)he was born". ::)

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