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Author Topic: 2.2 Drive by Wire Throttle Body and Breathers  (Read 13148 times)

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2.2 Drive by Wire Throttle Body and Breathers
« on: 01 November 2006, 16:14:55 »


Note:- All the pictures were taken before cleaning, not after

Tools required :-

Ring spanner size 13
Torx Socket size E10
Socket size 7
Circlip Pliers (or a decent set of pliers will do)

Parts required :-

Throttle Body Gasket - Part Number 90543950
Breather Sump Gasket - Part Number 90500571
Can of Carb Cleaner

Undo the circlips on the rubber hose and remove the hose

Using the ring spanner, undo the bolts holding the metal pipe to the sump.

Clean out the rubber tube and metal pipe with Carb Cleaner, I used a piece of rag soaked in carb cleaner, attatched to a lenght of wire and kept dragging it through until everthing was clean.
Replace the gasket on the bottom of the metal pipe and reasemble.

Using the circlip pliers and a size 7 socket remove the breather tube and the air intake (arrowed).

Now, slide the grey section of the DBW connection towards the back of the engine until it reaches the stop.

You can now remove the DBW plug.

Remove the thin plastic tube.

Remove the water hoses from the throttle body (arrowed in blue) you may spill a little water doing this.
Remove the hose arrowed in red.
Unbolt the throttle body useing the Torx socket (4 bolts).

Now put some rag into the intake well (you don't want to drop anything down it).

Remove the rest of the plastic tube from the base of the throttle (red arrow), then clean the pipe out with carb cleaner (arrowed in green), I used a piece of wire to do this.

Clean out all parts with Carb Cleaner and clean rag, paying particular attention to the edge of the butterfly. Make sure the butterfly operates smoothly, if not, a little 3:1 oil should do the trick, wipe off any surplus.

Make sure the hole arrowed is not blocked in any way, again I used a piece of wire to make sure.

You can now reasemble, tighten the throttle body bolts to torque setting 9Nm (7lbs/ft).

The sump breather gasket should be fitted with the raised part facing upwards, the sump beather
pipe should be tightened to 25nm.

Start the car..and done.
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Re: 2.2 Drive by Wire Throttle Body and Breathers
« Reply #1 on: 16 March 2015, 16:09:47 »

hi, recently had a problem with my breather hose from the throttle body to the rocker cover. its the smaller of the 2 hoses. wonder if you could maybe add this to the how 2 guide it is the vx part number for the hose.

part no ...90528437

thanks :y


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Re: 2.2 Drive by Wire Throttle Body and Breathers
« Reply #2 on: 18 March 2015, 13:03:19 »

Could this part number please be added to the parts list of AA and Tunnies 2.2 breather guides.

On Micks car, it had turned to a chewing gum consistency and holed beyond repair upon removal. It would be prudent to have it to hand for replacement when the job is done... the other hose seemed fine, obviously made from different compounds :-\

Thanks muchly :y
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