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General Discussion Area / Re: Man flu.
« on: Yesterday at 16:59:32 »
Aren't you near to that place where the men wear skirts?  :P

I think you need to look Brackley up on the map ;D

Our local BBC News comes from Southampton ;)

Omega Gallery / Re: The 3 Omigos
« on: Yesterday at 10:03:27 »
Very nice! a Credit to you  :y ...Especially like the bottom one  8)

Wouldn't mind a MFL again myself if a tidy one turned up for sale, Something about them that the FL lacks.

My first omega was 3.0 MFL Elite  . . .still think it was the best of all the TEN omegas I have had. FL models just seem to be lacking something & have a "plasticy" feel to the interiors IMO
I agree Big Al, I started with a MFL MV6 3.0, and it was the best of all I had (and I doubt I'll have another).  I also agree with the FL comments.

I've had a PFL, 2 MFL and 2 FL, so only had half the number you've had...

General Discussion Area / Re: Big Thankks to Loo Knee!!!
« on: Yesterday at 10:00:57 »
Yeah I am afraid he did lead me astray, but here I am up cooking breakfast, but he is still snoozing, few beers in the Asylum last , Loo Knee turned up yesterday driving one of those hair dryer cars with some weird looking german car badge on it ;D
Yeah, but he's a poofy Northerner, and can't take his drink....

...oh, hang on, remind me where you're from again ;D

Omega General Help / Re: Spark plugs
« on: Yesterday at 09:56:55 »
I just ordered 6 Bosch single electrode plugs for my v6 for £11

They will be just fine for the service interval.

Itís not a racing car  ::) :y
I prefer the twins, as singles shield spark more.  But then a) I use LPG, b) Loo-knee say I "drive like a cock" ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Big Thankks to Loo Knee!!!
« on: Yesterday at 09:51:07 »
BTW, when he does surface, someone in car chat is looking for him ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Big Thankks to Loo Knee!!!
« on: Yesterday at 09:50:37 »
Are you trying to say DLK lead you astray last night, Mr Dundee?

General Discussion Area / Re: Man flu.
« on: Yesterday at 09:48:25 »
When I had it, all I got from here was "Man Up wetpants"
Yeah...well....that's cause you told us you had it. No complaints from me on here, even though I nearly passed away......twice.

Bunch of nancy boys in Brackley. :)
Batty boys haven't been invented here yet, we're a bit old fashioned...

General Car Chat / Re: condensation
« on: Yesterday at 09:45:40 »
mrs forgot to open window today but it did not condensate up. so dont know. would opening the door have just sorted it ?
IME, no. The moisture tends to settle on surfaces when cold (with glass being probably coldest, hence easiest noticed), including seats and carpets.

It need airflow to get it out, ideally heated airflow - hence heaters on full, and sunroof or rear windows open slightly.  If its phishing down too much, drop the back seat rests, and the first aid cubby hole cover in boot, to give the vents in the boot the maximum airflow through (and empty boot of shite ;D)

General Discussion Area / Re: Man flu.
« on: 16 February 2018, 18:51:17 »
When I had it, all I got from here was "Man Up wetpants"

Omega General Help / Re: At last I have found it!
« on: 15 February 2018, 18:37:36 »
Worth checking for leaks in the valley as well, before condemning water pump

The kit to fit will be around £50, so makes DIY not that expensive... you know its done right ;)

Chassis rails towards the front always worth a poke as well.

I was gonna suggest getting a load of them over here to start with the cull.

No doubt some do-gooders will call that heartless.  I say they practice on Opti's gruesome avatar first....

General Discussion Area / Re: Bereavement
« on: 15 February 2018, 18:26:31 »
We all cope with grief and other major life traumas differently, some are able to just deal with it straight away, some need a few days to understand, and some will need weeks/months to come to terms with it.

Flipping things around, and trying to look for some good in what has happened, it sounds like they both managed a good innings, and both went with minimal suffering, which hopefully offers some comfort.

But you need to find your own path with dealing what has happened, seeking friends and professional assistance to suit.

Our thoughts are with you at this horrible time.

General Car Chat / Re: condensation
« on: 15 February 2018, 18:14:29 »
Or tilt the sunroof, which also sucks the moisture out well :y

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