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General Car Chat / A year with the big black pussy
« on: Today at 17:57:49 »
Well, well over 13 months now.

It remains a comfortable mile cruncher, with a decent turn of speed.

I'd say on average, I get low 30s mpg. I've had the occasional high 30s from a tank, and the occasional high 20s as well.

Failures have included:
Both front CDL motors
Front lower front wishbone arm bushes, replaced with polys
A single bonnet strut
A touchscreen display (might have been my fault ;D)
A failed NSR wheel bearing...   ...twice
A failed headlight washer extender thing (probably the shit ECP screenwash that froze)

In addition, its had:
2 oil changes
Air filter change
Pollen filter change
2 front tyres
2 headlight bulbs
New number plate fixing tape ;D

I really love the seat coolers, the heated wheel, the rear blind, the sunroof, the memory seats both sides, the crappy massager (for my poor back), adaptive headlights and cornering leds, the phone and ipod integration, and the fact the DAB holds onto a signal bloody well. It seems I'm lucky in that the Jag Voice works perfectly for me in default (untrained) mode, because that is a joy to use.

The annoyances include the fact the interior mirror isn't on memory, the clock wont set itself, the touchscreen is shite. Its also a bit long/wide for city centre stuff, particularly city centre carparks.

Running costs most definitely higher than an LPG'd Omega, probably on par with a non LPG'd V6

I have a facelift one, not sure they would be different ?
They are the same :y

Or didn't disconnected battery beforehand.Always the best option when swapping seats.
I never have  :-[

I paid around 15 for a cable for the Silver Bullet a couple of years back. No idea what brand it was, and cared even less.

As Marks DTM says, you will need to sort out the adjuster at handbrake end, as this is NOT part of the handbrake cable.  Is this the car the exhaust needs replacing on, as not having exhaust in way would make it do-able. If the actual handbrake cable is OK, no need to replace, obviously.

As to droplinks, I have *NEVER* had to cut one off before, and usually find the hardest, most time consuming part is finding the right size spanners.  But I can see the appeal in cutting them off if they've seized :)

General Discussion Area / Re: Grenfell inquiry
« on: Today at 17:03:40 »
I was bored with it the day after it happened.  But as its London, I supposed the papers and broadcast media will keep stoking the fire.

Same as the Manchester thing last year.  Do we really need an anniversary celebration of it?  I think, though, that's mostly the BBC trying to keep that one alive, seeing as they are based there.

TBH, any sympathy I had at the time seems to be turning to disinterest, even anger.

General Car Chat / Re: Mot q re tax insrance
« on: Today at 09:57:06 »
presumably garage has their own insurance that covers them?

tax is ok as long as its booked in for mot, and thats the only journey it does.

General Car Chat / Re: Met the leader.
« on: Today at 09:53:50 »
Un and I are twins.

Actually, having just looked in the mirror, I think my hair looks like his this morning....

...I should learn to let me hair dry before going outside. Hairdryers are for chicks and ladyboys

General Car Chat / Re: Merc DIY Service
« on: Today at 09:50:10 »
How do you guys clean out the pump after use?
The instructions for mine say to run fresh oil through it to clean.

That seems like a waste of fresh oil. :-\
Only need to run a fanny full through it, not a 20l tub.

General Discussion Area / Re: Am i here or not
« on: Yesterday at 18:44:36 »
Not sure I understand exactly what you mean?

You go to log in, but it says you do not exist after logging in? If that's the case, you wouldn't be able to post, but you clearly can.  Hence I think I haven't understood what you are experiencing...

General Discussion Area / Re: Windows update
« on: Yesterday at 18:41:37 »
By the sound of it this update will be due to hit me soon.Only thing that's happened on mine since last recent update[why so many so often?]is that when I go on e-mail a small square box appears on about setting to my start or something else when I click ok the box disappears and all is normal until the next time I go back to e-mail and the box reappears.It's getting annoying.
Ultimately, as no software is perfect, and the Internet is full of scrotes, flaws are being constantly found.

Microsoft chose, unless its mega urgent, to apply updates to your PC once a month.  Windows 10 users, in addition, get 1 to 2 huge feature updates a year.

Other systems are similar, including MacOS and Linux.

General Car Chat / Re: Merc DIY Service
« on: Yesterday at 18:33:37 »
How do you guys clean out the pump after use?
The instructions for mine say to run fresh oil through it to clean.

A week or so ago, a pair of new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 went on TBE. Saturday, TBE went for a bit of WIM'ing, then after that off to Huntingdon to get the chilly machine working.

Thanks for Tony and the gang at WIM, was great to catch up with you again, glad to see you back twirling the spanners occasionally.

Also, thanks to Serek and the gang at SOS-Automotive for getting the aircon sorted.

That concludes all the planned work for now on TBE, at last :)

General Car Chat / Re: 3.2 Rear springs help
« on: Yesterday at 18:20:43 »
You're probably better off getting a set of standard Sachs ones from the likes of (whince) euroshite for about 25 a pop.  They are absolutely fine with SL shocks unlike some other options.

As always, no matter what you do, replace in pairs :)

General Car Chat / Re: Met the leader.
« on: Yesterday at 18:17:43 »
Popped round to see serek,and get some assistance with an exhaust fitting problem, and Our glorious leader was there,having his air-con rechilled,,
Was nice to meet you.  :)
Was good to meet you at long last :y

General Car Chat / Re: Oil colour...
« on: Yesterday at 18:15:59 »
I would not expect any petrol to turn its oil that dark that quickly, even if ragged a little.

How many miles has it done - if its been on modern, retarded service schedules, it probably needs a couple of quick changes to flush it through.

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