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Omega General Help / Re: Front Drop Links
« on: Today at 21:25:23 »
plus ,as ive every intension of keeping my cars for the rest of my life il have start collecting omega parts soon whilst they are common items !
some bits will no doubt be harder to find in 20 years time like cambelt kits ,brake pad pins,sensors,etc to name but a few!

Omega General Help / Re: Front Drop Links
« on: Today at 21:18:38 »
dont worry thats just me .im a hourder !
although to be honest im glad ive hoarded some cav and viva parts because some bits are now impossible to find .

Omega General Help / Re: Front Drop Links
« on: Today at 11:58:25 »
Itís a bit like wishbones. SOME of the replacement VECO items were very good quality and had a realy good full rubber rear bush that no one else seemed to offer. They occasionally pop up as new old stock on ebay so I get them when I see them.

Omega General Help / Re: Front Drop Links
« on: Today at 11:54:50 »
Yes quite possibly.
This is why Iíve got an attic of spares for my cars that Iíve bought ,new old stock,as and when they pop up on ebay over the years.rather than current new spares.!
Canít beat older or original quality stuff over new pattern for majority of bits

General Car Chat / Re: Clay Mitt v. Clay Bar
« on: Yesterday at 17:22:33 »
Iíve never been too impressed with the clay bars. A faf to use and throw away afterwards or if you drop it. Only recently been introduced to trying a clay mitt and am very impressed. You wash your car but afterwards thereís always a slight roughness left on the paintwork that these mits deal with in no time . And theyíre reusable even if you drop it.
Leaves the paintwork feeling totally blemish free and ready for waxing. Previously I thought the only way to get the paintwork back to smooth was a once over with the polishing machine but this is better in some ways.only removes the contamination without taking off the paint.
And Iím only using a cheap £4 China job. The better known £30 ones must Be amazing

Omega General Help / Re: Front Drop Links
« on: Yesterday at 17:11:24 »
Use a slim spanner to stop the ball joint rotating whilst you tighten the nuts. A standard open end pushes the rubber sleeve off it's boss/shoulder. Because of the grease inside it's nearly impossible to push the rubber back onto the shoulder and have it stay put. Road grit and water gets in and wears the joints. The original GM rubbers are less likely to push off and so last longer. Made by Sachs/Boge I would guess.

Absolutely . Yes this is the reason most ball joints fail. Very few actually Ďwear out Ď naturally with useage 99% of them fail early due to water / dirt ingress.ive had my carlton since 1990 and only replaced the original drop links with qh items mid 90ís and theyíre still fine to this day.

General Discussion Area / Re: Top Gear
« on: 17 June 2019, 17:26:44 »
 Original top gear when it first came out was the best. They actually tested cars on what matters not just how fast they could go .the later series with clarkson ,May and mr Hammond was a joke realy . Only James May seemed to actually have any interest in how things actually worked and has done some good tv shows solo since top gear. The other two were just clowns.!.

Omega Gallery / Re: Convertable
« on: 31 May 2019, 15:57:39 »
Yes they do look good as a 2 door. Even as a fixed head rather than a convertible. Toyed with the idea of doing one myself a few years back just never got round to it. The silver fl on google images looks the business even if it is more than likely just photoshopped

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: Display lights
« on: 28 May 2019, 18:22:45 »
If rest of dash is ok then more than likely the bulbs blown. ( 4 of them in green holders) .
If I recall correctly.
Do not switch ign on whilst dash is removed if you remove it to change them

Pins usually re useable unless realy bad and Spring usually just breaks its rivet so repairable too!
Yours may be worse however ? .
The fitment charts are rarely correct and harder to find the correct ones

General Car Chat / Re: Senator A2.
« on: 06 May 2019, 23:36:14 »
Once it starts does it rev cleanly and run perfect even when uphill ? . If so I wouldnít suspect any fuel blockages or supply issues .a plumbed in pressure gauge would confirm this.( and any other pressure leakage issues,ie back to tank via pump one way valve or injectors forward.)
When mine had brand new injectors fitted it turned over for a good few seconds before firing.when it fired it did so cleanly with all cylinders coming in at once and ran smoothly.this issue settled down after a few starts.
your injectors are interchangeable between cars and a good chance to check sealing rings and maybee replace manifold fuel hoses at the same time.they do tend to harden up due to the immense heat they are subject to in that area.use correct rated good quality hoses here with the correct gm clips.

General Car Chat / Re: Senator A2.
« on: 04 May 2019, 19:10:47 »
If you still have the old filter might be worth splitting it open to check there's not a lot of junk coming throu and blocking the filter.hopefully not as it will have all come through the pump first !.
Did you say you had had the tank sealed on this car ? . I've had "renew system" sealed tanks whereby there's been orange stuff coming through the filter from the tank lining .settles down eventually but we will have to monitor things anyway if the e10 fuel comes in as they predict as it damages parts of older fuel systems .

General Car Chat / Re: Senator A2.
« on: 03 May 2019, 15:26:37 »
Hi steve. As Dave mentioned check starter motor connections .they are crimped into the lugs and can work loose .also the injection loom earth on the side of the inlet manifold.
.might be worth running a wire from the fuel pump live to the inside of car and putting a bulb on it to monitor wether it gets power whilst you have the issue.dont neglect to check the pump negative lead either.or replace it to be sure to a new cleaned point nearby.
I have had very similar issues in the past on these injection systems whereby it was caused by either sticky or leaking injectors .(leaking through into the manifold not externally)
Also check that the airflow meter flap is not can be reached by removing the big flexi.
 Other than that itís handy that you have the royale.if I remember correctly itís also a 3 litre of similar age so parts can be exchanged between if needs be for free .
Other things to check that you have more than likely checked already..........air leaks from gaskets ,injector base o rings,servo hose(very common),airflow meter big flexi hose,pressure build up in crankcase due to blocked valve cover mesh/ breather,vacuum build up in fuel tank vents due to blocked breather,split in fuel pressure valve vacuum hose,split in auto gearbox vacuum valve hose(leads to small metal pipe near top back of inlet manifold,incorrect throttle stop screw ,faulty idle air valve or hoses.
A bit to have a go at there steve. Happy hunting mate

Omega General Help / Re: dti clutch / transmission problems
« on: 25 April 2019, 18:21:32 »
Cannot see how any issues with the clutch thou would make the gear-lever move more further forward.just wondering if thereís a problem with the gear-lever mount or selector

Omega General Help / Re: Starting oddity
« on: 19 March 2019, 22:27:07 »
I would say mr entwood above is on the right tracks re the selector stick .a totally dead starter not even a click but will work if in neutral rather than park .sounds like the alignment (or wear /dirty contacts) in the gear-lever inhibitor switch.located on the side of the gearbox. These are known to play up occasionally anyway so might be worth taking off and doing a full clean up .see the guide re aligning on refitting.

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