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 on: Today at 03:25:27 
Started by terry paget - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Ran 3 1.8s to 500k between them with little more than routine servicing... Can't fault them.  :y

 on: Today at 01:44:08 
Started by terry paget - Last post by dave the builder
Vectra C also worth a look... Wear mileage well and start from 250... Just avoid the dti and 2.2 petrol :y
Nice motors for the money  :y
 but many suffer dual mass flywheel ,clutch ,gearbox issues
worth looking into before buying
if it's been done, all is good, if there are any transmission noises ,clutch problems walk away (unless you are buying cheap and have factored in the parts/time

I've brought cars "spares or repairs" and fixed the issue before now,because that way you know why the car is being sold
(the astra G estate ,blown head gasket but 11 months MOT, 150 in parts and a couple of days working through it ,still going strong after 5 years )

a clutch on an omega could be done in a day ,150 ? parts if you have lots of mot ledt and no other problems  :-\ aka better the devil you know

or plenty of omegas about with mot , buy one cheap with a long mot , say 500 quid lasts 12 months = 10 a week

 on: Today at 01:43:09 
Started by Lagondanet - Last post by johnnydog
Surely no one on here pays Halfords to fit a pair of wiper blades....?
Genuine GM ones would be my choice as I can still get them quite cheaply at my friendly VX dealer. The next alternative for me is Champion, as they were identical to the GM ones, apart from the GM / Champion stamp near the mounting clip. I do believe Champion made the GM blades at one time.
I have either Champion or genuine VX on my Omegas, and both makes perform well and last. The rubber in cheap and nasty blades grate and chatter on the screen and it annoys the t?ts off me.

 on: Today at 01:29:39 
Started by iZirk - Last post by Rods2
Two SSDs arrived this morning. Awaiting 2.5" enclosure to be delivered so I can mirror & install the drive in my Development PC and I will then use the enclosure for my other SSD as a backup drive.

Compared with Ebuyer glacial order processing with standard delivery, I'm impressed with The Box speed of despatch & delivery. :y

 on: Today at 00:16:47 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Party :D

 on: Today at 00:15:45 
Started by jimmy944 - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Highways would be my guess. The shogun is a favourite of the road wombles and I can see them clocking up that kinda mileage.
Wash your mouth out with kerosene... Blasted millennial  ;D

Recently stopped throwing people on an off planes in order to get a pay rise working for an agency throwing pallets out of a 26t frosty box. And as it's nearly winter, will also be snow plowing runways. Which is nice 8)

Back to the Shoguns, Security have been using them as a weapon of choice since at least 2006 along with a fleet of ten hybrid Outlanders... Can't honestly recall what they had before  :-\ Disco 2 s perhaps  :-\

Recently replaced the more knackered Shoguns with new Hilux, but still using Mitsubishi Shogun and L200 along with some new Izuzu Dmax for various roles ;)

 on: Today at 00:04:05 
Started by jimmy944 - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Mercedes ML will tow 3.5t, license permitting...

Cheap enough to be disposable  ;)

Mitsubishi and Hyundai both reliable, but any significant repairs will cost Some of our older Shotguns, '57/8 have done nearly 300k miles, but still fetch well north of 3k at auction :o

Gollum. What do you do?
Sit on Fair Isle pestering Hobbits, eating fish and the occasional puffin tourist*

*taste like salty chicken in case you wondered :D

 on: Today at 00:03:40 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by Raeturbo

 on: Today at 00:01:28 
Started by Sir Tigger QC - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Ooh look... Albs is having a garage sale :D

 on: Yesterday at 22:19:24 
Started by noknowledgemike - Last post by noknowledgemike
Doctor, apologies, I didnt mean to disbelieve or doubt, just my lack of knowledge. Thanks

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